Team Lead / Designated Marksman

Mack is the original founder of the team. Started airsofting in 2012, and created Team Blitzkrieg in 2014 at Paintball Explosion. After playing there for a year, team has moved to Black Ops Airsoft, where it thrives and grows.

Mack’s preferred playstyle is to stay at range and organize the team efforts.


Team Lead / Assault

Jason is one of the senior members of the team, who joined in 2014. After the team stopped being active, he is the one who put in effort to recruit new members, and make sure the team gets going again.


Assault / Medic

Konnor joined in November 2019. He is a designated medic for the events that the team is participating in. His playstyle is aggressive – the first one in, the first one out – and taking necessary risks when it comes to rescuing friendly players.


Assault / Medic

Connor joined in August 2019. He is a 2nd medic in the team – dedicated to make sure the team stays alive, and keeps going. Without a good support in the backlines, fireline would crumble – he is there to make sure that does not happen.


Granadier / HPA Tech

Griffin joined in September of 2019 and was briefly a team leader with Jason. He is the grenadier of the team, charged with immobilizing vehicles as well as quickly taking over key buildings and objectives. He has experience with teching HPA guns, and therefore is a team guru when it comes to anything HPA.


Breacher / AEG Tech

Kyle joined in December 2019. His role is the breacher – the person that rushes forward, clearing areas quickly and scouting ahead, before the rest of the team joins up. He is also an experienced airsoft tech, lending his skills bu building, upgrading, and maintaining team’s guns.